PhoenixBLUE Art is now The Art of Mary Capaldi!

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After some deliberation and consulting with fellow artists while away in California for Further Confusion, I decided to drop the studio name I’ve been using and stick to my own name and my primary pseudonym, “Nyomi Naomh,” for my work from here on out. The site should reflect this now; I am working on getting my social and gallery sites elsewhere up to date as well. I will still keep drawing bugs and doing commission work as always! The only thing that’s changed is that my art will now be more directly tied to me as the artist.

new moth monarch logo

In the next week or two, I expect to post my FC report, an entry on my father’s life in memory of his passing over a month ago, and the first cocoon check of 2014 in the Mothkeeping blog. This is going to be a busy year full of big projects and bugs. Stay tuned and feel free to get in touch through comments here or email!

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