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lady_adelaideHi everyone! I’d like to ask for your attention for a few minutes if you don’t mind – I have something important to discuss with you. It’s been a while in coming.

As many of you know, I’m a freelance artist. I primarily spend my time creating art either on commission or out of my own heart and imagination. A lot of you have followed my work because you enjoy the original creations I come up with, from bug and animal characters and product designs to fine art and realistic illustrations of insects. I love making these things and sharing them as I can. It makes me smile to brighten someone’s day with a fun character drawing or delight them with a unique original piece I dreamed up and brought to life. These are the things that drew me to art, and these are the things of which I’m always hoping to do more.

Last year, I unfortunately did not have nearly as much time to devote to my own projects as I had in previous years. Friends and fans have asked me why I didn’t finish certain pieces, or put out more bandana designs or merchandise, or make any new stories about my bugs. I certainly wanted to, but I had begun a challenging time in my life that required me to focus most of my efforts elsewhere. At the end of 2014, I started dating a long-time friend to whom I am now engaged. From very early on in the relationship, I knew that if we decided to stay together, I would need to be prepared to move to another country, with all the investment of time and money that involves. And it didn’t take me long to know in my heart that he was the right person. I needed to get my business in order and prioritize earning and saving over art for art’s sake. I focused very heavily on commission jobs and worked long days, sometimes not taking weekends or sleeping enough. It was difficult, but as much as I love my art and my bugs, I knew I could always pick them up in full force again when the time was right. You can’t put people down and pick them up again.

Ryan and I will be getting married later this year. We reached the end of 2015 satisfied that we had prepared well for the things to come. While I will continue to take commission work in 2016, I would like to better balance the focus of my creative efforts to include many more of the things I want to make for everyone to enjoy. I’m passionate about presenting insects as lovable characters and teaching people to see them with less fear and revulsion. There are stories, paintings, and projects you have been asking for that I would love to make. In order to make that happen in a way that will still allow me to support myself, I’m asking for your help!


Today, I’m launching a Patreon. Patreon is a platform that provides you with an opportunity to support me at whatever level is comfortable while getting rewards and sneak peeks at upcoming projects in the process. Your pledge will help me devote more time to new art and designs so I can create some of the awesome ideas you’ve been asking for, such as:

graphics-pitch-1 Eventually I would be able to work toward larger goals and make even more amazing things thanks to your support – these ideas are only a glimpse:


Click here for more information on my Patreon. Please feel free to look over the pledge tiers and ask any questions you might have! I’ve tried to make participating as accessible as possible; you can pledge as little as $1 a month.

If you want to help but can’t extend financial support right now, don’t worry, there are still things you can do to help. Sharing my work with others who might enjoy it goes a long way. You can follow me on these social networks and use them to show others my art:

Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook

You can also buy art and fun bug stuff directly from me through my Storenvy, or get on-demand products from DesignByHumans and Redbubble.

I have lots of ideas waiting in the wings I’d love to delve into and create to share with the world. There are new bug illustrations, bandana designs, fine art concepts, and fun stories yet to be made. I want to do these things more justice than just shoving them through the cracks in between paid work wherever I can make a few moments. I want to strike a balance so my original work gets a chance to flourish, which will also give my commission quality a boost by virtue of being crafted by the hand and eye of a healthy artist.

If you enjoy what I do, please help me keep the work I love in my life so I can continue to share it. Thank you.


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