A Lot Has Happened

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I know I haven’t written here for a long time. I’ve been so busy in the last several years – if you’ve been following me in any of the many places I post, you’ll know I’ve been churning out commissions and original work and new designs and merchandise at the best pace I can keep up. My heart has been in my work, but it’s also been with another person at the same time. August 26th was my first wedding anniversary with Ryan.

Reflecting on the last year, on everything that happened to lead to that day, and on the friends, family, fans, and supporters who have been with us at every stage, I just have a few brief thoughts to share tonight.

Life is very short. Sometimes it feels long, but we are a fraction of a blink in the long span of the universe. Love while you can, whoever and however you may, truly and madly with a deep respect for others, always leaving a little room for humor and adventure and joy. Take none of it for granted. We are promised nothing, but there is so much good in the world, even now, especially if you put some in yourself as best you can. Find a way.

You don’t need to leave a big, impressive legacy to be worth being here and living your life. Make what difference you can. Find the things that matter to you and help them along.

Do your work honestly, but don’t worship the “crunch.” Art and creativity thrive on living. Go outside. Eat, drink, read, enjoy the company of others. The simplest moments of the human experience are often the most important, and they inform what you make so that it is Real.

Take pictures. Even and especially if someone tells you they’re a waste of time. Your vacation, your friends, your cat – heck, your dinner out if you want. Record what is meaningful to you so you remember.

Don’t stifle yourself all the time.┬áDare to do silly things here and there. I dunno, maybe vogue in an elevator lobby. Whatever strikes you.

If all else fails, be kind. We are all human, we are all just trying to live, and ultimately, we are all on a journey to the same end. Seek the common humanity you have with others. Respect difference but don’t get so caught up in it you forget the person within it all. Reach out and foster good will where you can. Be kind, be kind, be kind.

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