The Artist

Mary Capaldi (aka “Moth Monarch”) is an independent and freelance artist. She uses a variety of media to create commissioned art and original work for shows and sale.

Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Mary was a voracious reader and quickly took to designing characters and fantasy worlds from a young age. She attended Penn State University (2008-2012) and earned a degree in English, tapping into her love of video games to write an undergraduate thesis, “The Role of Religious Traditions in the World of Pokémon.”  After college, she launched a career as an artist and has been involved in a broad variety of creative endeavors.

Her keen interest in insects, particularly lepidoptera, inspires many of her original pieces and merchandise designs. Animal characters also delight her and frequently appear in commissions from private clients and in personal work. She loves traveling to conventions and shows and working alongside them to create fun and memorable experiences for attendees.

Mary has worked with hundreds of private clients as well as organizations such as Anthrocon, Inc, Purdue University, and Penn State University.

Email Mary at if you’re interested in commissioning private or commercial artwork, engaging in a collaboration, or offering other opportunities.

Articles about Mary’s work
Making a difference with science-based art [Women’s History Month], March 2017
Brandywine alumna applies her English degree to a career in the arts,

Selected Awards
Midwest Furfest 2017 Director’s Choice for “Flower Crown I,” ink and watercolor
Midwest Furfest 2014 Staff Pick for “Snow Angel,” ink and watercolor