• Flower Crown II
    Flower Crown II

    5×7″ ink and watercolor.

  • Bug Café: Latte Art
    Bug Café: Latte Art

    Set of six 3×3″ mini mixed media originals (watercolor, ink, acrylic). Joined together as one print.

  • Insolent Youngsters
    Insolent Youngsters

    Part 2 of 2 of an art prank! Ink and watercolor 5×7″.

  • Overtones

    Part 1 of 2 of an art prank! Ink and watercolor 5×7″.

  • Relax

    Sometimes we all need a moment to rest and just be. 8×8″ mixed media on cold press.

  • Create

    Give space and voice to the worlds inside of you. 8×8″ ink and watercolor on cold press.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    2×2″ miniature piece in ink and watercolor.

  • Wine Improves With Age
    Wine Improves With Age

    5×7″ ink and watercolor with metallic gold paint accents on the border. Hand lettered.

  • Winter-Crowned

    Holiday 2016 painting of a white moth in a festive winter crown. 5×7″ ink and watercolor.

  • Warm Coffee
    Warm Coffee

    A moth basks in the warmth of his drink. 2×3″ mixed media.

  • Flower Crown I
    Flower Crown I

    A luna moth rests among roses and hydrangeas, crowed with flowers. 5×7″ ink and watercolor.

  • The Stone Warrior
    The Stone Warrior

    Enchanted armor seals around him, well-tested in many battles. 8×8″ ink and watercolor.